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Two things on this Sunday morning.

1: Sometimes, though REALLY rarely, drunks are not that bad to deal with...

... Especially when they drop a nice big bill and don’t realize it. >D

It’s my $20 now, dipshit. You hear me?!? MINE!!!

*Ahem* Anyway, said $20 bought me my gas for this week, a case of pop, and the Sunday newspapers, so it didn’t go to waste. And there’s still four bucks left. ^-^

2: I’m in two webcomics. Yes, TWO. And I don’t make either one, so no ego masturbation here. Stroking, yes, but not by me. :P

Wasting Time. (Sprite edit/toy based) By Trey
That’s My Ikari! (Sprite edit based. Down towards the bottom of the page.) By Alex

Go. View. NOW.
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