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Yay! Work Angst!

Okay, so I had yesterday off. First day off in eight days, only one for this week. I'm already sitting at 56 hours for this week, 104 for the pay period. So, naturally, since it is my only day off, I overload on anime, caffeine, and don't get to bed until sometime between 6 and 7 in the morning.

9 am rolls around and I'm woken up by my mom. Apparently work has called and the other guy who supposed run the car wash on my days off called in sick. Which I know to be bullshit since he worked the day before and got invited to a party after he got off of work while I was in earshot.

(Word to the wise: If you're invited to go party, one where you may get fucked-up to the point where you may not make it into work the next day, don't have whoever invited you do so within earshot of the guy who might have to cover your ass.)

So I tell them no, since it's my only day off, I've only had about a couple of hours of sleep and just trying to drive the 30+ minutes to work down I-80 would be insane, let alone working 10 hours and attempting to drive back then. And back to sleep I go.

Now my mom goes into work today. It seems that I'm in deep shit because I didn't come into work on my only day off.

Excuse me, but... WHAT IN THE BLOODY FUCK?!?

Of course, I'm the one in trouble since I should've covered someone else's ass on my only day off, even though he knew he had work the next day and decided to go get fucked-up anyway. Yes, it is my damned fault for being selfish on the only day I can fucking relax and not have to worry about work.

If they try and pull any shit when I go in today or anytime next week, I can pull the Seven Day Law. (Illinois has a law where you cannot work more than seven days without at least one day off. :P) Which is posted in the office, since that's law too.
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