RJ Bachler (arjei) wrote,
RJ Bachler

More hurricanes.

So Hurricane Ivan's up to a Catagory 5 now, with projected US landfall somewhere in the area of the Florida panhandle, around Wednesday afternoon. If it stays at Cat 5, it will be the first one to make US landfall since Andrew in '92. (Culled from multiple sources, mainly CNN.com and Weather.com)

... Yeah, Mother Natures got some serious hate on for Florida right now. She just wants get it all. Luckly Jeanne hasn't formed yet, and hopefully won't.

Also, another odd thing. There has been two named storms between the begining of the season and Charley, (Alex and Bonnie) between Charley and Frances, (Danielle and Earl) and between Frances and Ivan. (Gaston and Hemine.) Of course, these storm did crap for damage, so we didn't get any dumb-ass reporters geting smacked by the rain and winds. :P

(Oh, and whee for hurricane.accuweather.com! :P)
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