RJ Bachler (arjei) wrote,
RJ Bachler

Mayorial Music

I have FINALLY gotten SimCity 4 to work on Lina, and now I can start futzing with it again. (It ran crappy on the laptop, so I stopped playing. :P) And with all my MP3s on here, and the custom tunes option Maxis added in to SC4, I can have specific music to build, run, and destroy a city by.


Give me music to build, run, and bring the apocalypse to a city by. You know, somethings to listen to and be a proud mayor by, then change to a bastard god and wipe the damned humans off the map. :P

Oh, here are the disasters, in case I get in the mood for a specific track for inducing a specific device of mayhem and you think something would be appropriate. :P

Autosaurus wrecks, UFO invasion, volcano, fire, meteor shower, giant robot attack, tornado, lighting strike, and earthquake.
Tags: music

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