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There's a little saying I usually use when someone gets fired: You always wind up hanging yourself. In other words, the boss had to fire someone from our already undermanned staff. So, as of this morning I had 3 days off. Today, tomorrow, and zOMG Saturday WTF? (Weekend days are a rarity for me. Usually there's the words USAR Drill attached to my weekend days off. :P)

Now it was only yesterday. Bah. At least the overtime pay will be nice. (55 hours this week alone. $625 before the taxes. :P)

Figure 17: Finally got around to finishing it. I will not go into spoilers, due to some people have not seen it yet. But the ending rock your soul, and I'm putting the anime under the PB! rule of non-burning. (IE: It's so good, you need to go and spend your own money on it. :P)

Mezzo TV: I skipped my self imposed rule of trying to catch up on any backlog first before getting to any new stuff because... Well, because it's Mezzo. I liked the Mezzo Forte OVA, okay? Anyway, the TV series keeps the same feel as the OVA, (considering at episode 5 it's established that the series it does take place about 1 - 2 years after the OVA.) from Mikura's wire-fu physics fighting, to OMG GUNZ, to the comedic element that's in Mezzo.

Yasuomi Umetsu came back for director, screenplay and character design, along with Dr Pochi (supervisor), Osamu Kosinaka (producer), and ARMS. (Animation producer. They dropped Green Bunny though.) I don't know about any voice actors, because Media Blaster/Anime Works hates them. And you. And your friends. And your family. And probably puppies and kitties too. (ADV has the TV series, BTW.)

Oh, and the OP has me hooked. Maybe because how the intro's done. :P And Umetsu cranked the cuteness level on Mikura like a sonofabitch. especially since she has some slightly exaggerated expression, while the rest of the characters have more normal ones.

... Man, that looked kinda like a review. But damnit, I like Mezzo. :P

Miami Guns: ... Seen better. That is all. :P

I don't feel like doing the date or interest memes going around. And the end of the world crawls ever closer. :P

And the Boston Red Sox. Do you believe? Can you believe...

... That they actually have a chance under the curse?

... Well, like I should talk about curses and baseball. :P
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