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The end of the ISP woes. (I hope.)

24 hours of dialup, and three LJ entries. I should stay, I'm more productive on the phone line...

... Nah, I'll put that though down and start WinMX up. :P

Okay, the cable is back up and running, (for now) even though my mom finally got some shit straighten out with AT&T over the phone and scheduled a service call for Monday while I was at work. If it stays stable for the next day or so, I’ll might cancel it, though I should have them check everything out just to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

... I mean, it ain’t like I’m missing Wheel of Fortune and it’s held down by rocks or anything... :P
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    Sun, 11:50: I'm certain the only Sunday where I don't wind up pissed off will be one where I don't work

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    Tue, 10:14: Lesson for life: If you see the cashiers at a gas station run out and fill their cars up, gas is jumping up big time

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    Sat, 14:18: Next person to dump garbage in the charity bucket at work is going to get a donation of my fist to their face

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