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The mummy's curse or White Sands' worst? - RJ's LJ - WTF is my way of life.
I've been on the 'net longer that some of you've been ALIVE.
The mummy's curse or White Sands' worst?
So I have a nice decision to make. Whether to go to Annual Training in June down in Ft Bliss, TX, and most likely stay in the old, modified WW2 Interment camp barracks way off the main post...

... Or go to Egypt for a three-week mission in August. Which would rock everything rockable.

Only two things are holding my decision back. One is the fact that my initial contract with the military ends about a little more than a week before my birthday in May. But that will be easily rectified by either me re-upping (Which I'm planning on doing anyway.) Or ye ol' annual Stop-Loss that happens about the same time my contract expires.

The other is the get-together '05. (IE: The Floating Roaming Wandering Con Of Spooky Doom That Currently Does Not Have A Punny Name. :P) Which the only things that would sway my decision is money (AT drops a nice amount in my account a month before the con. If I can get overtime again at work, that'll be fixed.) and time. (If the con were to start around the 20th, I'd be all right.)

.... But overseas. And Pyramids. And other cool shit.... And my decision has to be in by Sunday.

Maybe I'll flip a coin. :P


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arex From: arex Date: January 22nd, 2005 11:34 am (UTC) (Link)
:p If this con doesn't involve Chibi and I (which it doesn't), go walk like an Egyptian. And take pictures.

And stay away from any puzzles you might find in your tomb raiding exploration. Or send them to me.
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