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Guess who's back... Back again... ... I'll stop.

What happened was that when I originally had the cable installed, (over a year and a half ago.) the @home installer didn’t connect the overhead running to the house to the main line on the telephone poles properly. Which, in turn, degraded over time and finally culminated in the modem going offline (Along with most of my lower end channels fuzzy-ing out.) on Wednesday.

Thus now I have a proper connection, though I know I need s'more RAM to crank this fucker up to max speed, (Visa cards gonna get a hole in it this weekend.) and am back online the proper way.
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    Sun, 11:50: I'm certain the only Sunday where I don't wind up pissed off will be one where I don't work

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    Tue, 10:14: Lesson for life: If you see the cashiers at a gas station run out and fill their cars up, gas is jumping up big time

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    Sat, 14:18: Next person to dump garbage in the charity bucket at work is going to get a donation of my fist to their face

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