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Out of one backlog and into another.

Since the anime is now out of the way, my gaming urge has come back full force. (Playing Legaia 2 right now.) But since I had a backlog of anime, I figured I probably have a backlog of games too. So I check.

22 PS2 games.

3 Dreamcast games.

16 PSX games.

Those are the number of games that I haven't beat in some way yet, by system. And out of those 41 games, there are 21 that haven't even be touched yet. (The oldest one being Legend of Mana, bought WAAAY back in mid-2000.) Most are RPG, but lucky not all.

So what I plan on doing is to play a couple of RPG a month, mixed in with some of the others, and be done before the end of the year.

... Of course, seeing as how the plan with the anime watching went.... >P
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