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Early morning mind oddness.

LJ cutting, for I'm about to get weird here. And probably get some flack. Don't really care.

Okay, I'm Catholic. I fucking admit this. But one very odd question has been gnawing at my mind for some time now, and If I don't put it down, I'll go fucking nuts here. So...

What if Jesus Christ was just viewed as the 1st century's David Koresh? And the CRUCIFIXION was the 1st century version of the ATF/Janet Reno thing? (But instead of sending in tanks because of the lack of technology to do so, Jesus' ass was nailed to a couple of 2x4's.)

I mean, here's a guy saying he's the son of God. We've had guys say that during my lifetime. A lot of people thought they were nuts. Who here can say if people back then did or didn't think Jesus was nuts for saying the same thing?

... You know, I'm probably getting my own personal level of hell built. All just for me. C'mon, we'll have a beach party on the lake of fire! :P


I think of odd shit at work. The whole Gods' chatroom was made up while I was at work. So this one ran through my head at work and didn't disappear like the mass majority of the rest.

Could you imagine LJ at another time in history? And no, I'm not talking about "Famous historical figures journal" you see pop up on LJ every so often. I'm talking about normal John and Jane Anybody writing about surviving in Germany in WW2, hearing about Columbus finding "a shorter route to Asia", or watching Rome burn while Nero played. All on his or her LiveJournal.

... But there probably would still be god-knows-how many angst filled emo journals whining about the War of 1812, and millions upon millions of "What Revolutionary war General are you?" quizzes/memes. Come with the territory. :P


Okay, a little help here, because I'm blanking here like you wouldn't believe. I have a couple of mixes/mash-up that I can place one of the bands/artists, but can't place the other.



The first is bugging me, but not as bad as the second. I've probably heard the song at the beginning an insane number of times, but it's stuck in the back of my head. It's like hearing it through a door; You know what it is, but you're not sure. And until you open the door or finally remember, it'll drive you nuts.

(Yeah, I know the second is mixed with J-lo/50 Cent. Shut. Up. :P)

Okay, bed. Quarter to five in the morning is a very odd time for me to be asking things. :P
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