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9/11. - RJ's LJ - WTF is my way of life.
I've been on the 'net longer that some of you've been ALIVE.
It’s been a year. I mean, that’s the thing that sticks out most in my mind right now. 365 days ago, a bunch of guys who hated us because we’re American to the point of flying planes into buildings in the hopes of doing damage and killing people.

9-11. A lot of people are taking a lot of different stances on it, from remembering, to protesting, to Enough Day.

... And I’m not going to be any different. ('Baaaa.' said the sheep.)

There’s no way of forgetting what happened, mainly from the media beating (and for the past month now, slamming) it in our heads. But if you seen it live on TV, or were in NYC when it happened, the images are something you cannot forget. Hell, I still remember what I did when it happened:

My mom getting me up, just in time to see the second plane fly into the south tower. Watching the FDNY and the NYPD and multiple other people getting all they could out of the tower. Hearing the reports of them trying to scramble helicopters to get any people trapped on the roof. Getting reports of the plane that hit the Pentagon, and of Flight 93. Watching the towers collapse.

The thing I remember clearly seeing on ye ol’ boob tube was a close-up of the hole in the south tower, (while Peter Jennings (sp?) was babbling on about something) along with the skyline THROUGH the hole. And then seeing small particles of dust/metal/something trickle out, with a thought that that immediately ran through my head of ‘... something’s not right.’ followed moments later by a huge dust cloud right as the tower fell.

But I’m going to do what this year (unless more stupid shit hits the fan) is what I would’ve done last year if it were a normal day: Be asleep in the morning, get up after 10 to go do my usual crap, and work. I have the majority of newspaper media, and a few other things, stored away because I know that if I have kids that they will ask about it, much like I asked my parents where they were when JFK was shot.

But I do have one thing that irks me about vyoma’s statement: The part of no flag-waving and no more nationalism.

You have to remember is the last time we came this together as a country was over fifty years, right after the attack on Pearl Harbor.

It seems like the only time the mass majority of America feels proud to be American is when the unwarranted destruction and death to our country and people warrants it.

When it really shouldn’t.

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arex From: arex Date: September 11th, 2002 12:41 pm (UTC) (Link)
Methinks the reasoning behind the 'no more flag waving and nationalism' thing is the same thing that goes on with most religions. You know, that thing where you Christian only when it suits your purposes.

¬_¬ The next person who rants to me about my lack of American Pride is gonna be picking up their teeth and painting them red, white and blue.

=P I was in school when it happened (I didn't wanna be in school though so nyeh) and while everyone was crying or mourning or whatever the whole day, I stopped caring after ten minutes.
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