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To quote Raoul Duke: There I was... Mother of God, there I am!

... I made the front page of LJDrama.

No, it was not from me losing my mind for a bit and causing drama, which is how I always thought it would happen. But I try and stay away from doing that. No, it was more like I got on there "by proxy."

Okay, back-story: I read the customers_suck LJ community, and I post there every so often. (Roughly just a bit more frequently than a Yellowstone volcanic eruption.)

Well, someone makes a post with a bit of possibly degradative words pertaining to gays. (Which, I think, the original poster didn't mean it in that way.) But with a community of over 9000 members, you might have the off-chance of offending someone. Which it did.

But it's only one person. Who seems to take it as "OH NOES, THAT IS TEH WRONG!" And, of course, The Drama!™©® occurs. I decide to point out it's completely fucking stupid, rather than get involved with the "meat" of the stupidity.

Of course, if something causes enough drama, LJD comes in. (I kinda like LJD. They were better in the beginning, but some of their stuff can be good... As long as they don't create drama of the sole purpose of having something to put on the LJD page. Finding "Natural-grown" drama is better.) And this caused enough crap for LJD to post about it. With my post quoted on how stupid some of these comments are.

I feel loved, in that evil kind of way. This is up there on my memories list for LJ, right along side with the BJG crap in svam and me getting part of the customers_suck's community to tsunami post a troll off the front page and get the friends lists of everyone there cleared up. (Which I forgot to post about. I kind of stepped back and watched in amazement as people jumped aboard. My original post for that is the last one in the memories linked above.)

Links for anyone with a tl;dr thing going:
customers_suck's post here.
My comment here.
LJDrama article here.
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