RJ Bachler (arjei) wrote,
RJ Bachler

The true ultimate debate.

We got a display of these new Oreo cookie's & cream dipper sticks at work. They're just like the cracker and cheese ones that Kraft has, save the sticks are the cookie part of an Oreo, and the cheese is the cream.

Now this new thing in the store has gotten me to wondering that age-old question. The question that probably will bring down society as we know it... And since this is LJ, I'm going to post it. :P


Poll #491288 The one and only true debate: Oreo cookies.
This poll is closed.

What part is the best?

The cookie! There's always two.
The cream! C'mon, Double Stuf.
Both! Otherwise it's not an Oreo.
Neither! Chips Ahoy! all the way.
Tags: poll

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