RJ Bachler (arjei) wrote,
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I no longer have a credit card... Well, until a new one gets issued. Apparently something caught the eye of Visa and they thought it was too friggin' WEIRD of a purchase to be mine. So they put a stop on the card. So what was it?

Was it the $2700+ back in Nov '03 for my new computer system? No.
Was it the $900 in (mostly) anime from Suncoast in Dec '03? No.
Was it the $600 - 800 four times over for trips to the get-together in three states? No.
Was it the God-knows-what on multiple trips all over CONUS during AT and deployments? No.

It was the $540 tires that I got, basically, down the road from my house that set off Visa...

So anime, computers, trips, and such all over do not seem to bother Visa. But get a set of tires right near your house and OH FUCK ILLEGAL USAGES YOU STOPPED!!!!111!

And my connections all buggy. Blargh.
Tags: bgwc, money

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