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Money money money

The shit makes the world go 'round. And I, currently, can't make mine move for shit.

A lot of my stuff goes through the banking card. It's just easier that way. (Sans the truck payments. That goes right to the checking account.) But I wish to know what the fuck is taking my new card so long to get here. My cell phone bill, my cable bill, and most of my internet stuff goes through it. But I'm not that worried, since most of the bills don't go in until the end of the month, nor am I too worried about the card getting ganked by someone, for you need the PIN and one of the bank's ATMs to activate the card. And I already got the PIN.

The only thing I'm worried about is the (Yes, I'll fucking update it soon.) website, which Tripod/Lycos is bitching about because the payment was due on the 13th. But I still got about ten days to get the new card put it before it gets yanked back to free status.

However, because of the massive amount of juggling I have to do from this card crap, I'm going to skip summer vacation this year. I'll probably use one of my weeks off after Egypt to recoup from that, and take a couple of days off during the summer just to get the hell away from work. But any trip and such, like to the Get-together this year, is out. (Sorry guys.)
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