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Couple of things 'bout the last post.

One: The 'To E. Honda!' thing is from Forget About Jae. http://indiemadnesse.sandwich.net/faj/faj.html Go read now.

Two: ... Damn, I got comments from people that aren't on my freinds list. I mean, when I did that, I was working from an idea I had when I was stocking the cooler at work, (Where I seem to get a good deal of my ideas. If they make it to paper is another story. :P) along with little sleep and a lot of Dr. Pepper. It was just me being my usual oddball self, posting something in my LJ just because I could, and... Well...

I'm used to getting at most 1, 2 or 3 comments. But usually I get the magic number zero. :P

I mean... 15. Wow. Just wow. O_o

I'm surprised and kinda honored to have this passed around so others can see it and get a chuckle or two. Thanks.


15. Wow.
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