RJ Bachler (arjei) wrote,
RJ Bachler

Kiss my ass Dave Mirra

To ease the gas usage on the truck, since I'll only be using it to get to work and drill, I have taken my old bike out of storage, did some maintenance to have it street-worthy again, and have begun using that to pedal my happy ass around town for my short errands. Y'know, comics, store for pop, bank, the sort of stuff that doesn't require the truck to haul it in.

But I have found out a few things about riding a bike after quite a few years:
You truly never forget how to basically ride. You do forget how to weave in and out of tight spaces on the damned thing.
Dear god, my legs are not used to pedaling.
And my ass isn't used to the bumps anymore either.
I've got the walk sign, you are turning. I have the right of way, you stop. I do not need a repeat of when I got hit by a car like that.

And I'll probably still ride my ass off, even if gas prices come down. It's a good damned work-out.
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