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And over-active imagination, or a premonition?

I rarely talk about my dreams, mainly because I rarely remember them. I have them, get up, and they're usually pushed out of my head before I reach the bathroom. (Save for this one dream I had when I was 14, where I was doing like 5 amazon chicks. Wonder why I remember that one? ;p)

But the last few nights I've had dreams about the Army and my unit. Which is bothering me for a reason.

The last time I had dreams about the Army was right before I found out I was yanked to go over to the 375th and putz around on Enduring Freedom down in Ft. McClellan, AL, and Florida. And the dreams I was having back then more or less involved boot camp or people from boot camp. (Which was down in Ft. McClellan.)

But the thing is I didn't know about going back to McClellan until we got to the mobilization Station at Ft. Polk, LA. And I had those dreams about a good two-three months before that.

Now, like I said, the dreams have stared up again, but with people from my unit instead of boot camp this time. And wen I got the usual right before drill call from the full timer there, I was told there was something that need to discussed with me, but it can wait until I get up there on Friday.

... Fuck, please let it be something good.
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