RJ Bachler (arjei) wrote,
RJ Bachler

Well, something cause the laptop of mine (Filia) to not fucking boot in windows anymore. Not even in safe mode. Seriously, I'd get a blank screen when trying to boot into Windows normally, and a quick BSoD and an automatic reboot in safe mode. Yayjoy. So I went a few rounds with HP tech and whatnot and that did nothing. (Reset this, reseat that, WinXP CD it to hell.) Looked at HP's website, found out I might have to send it in to get fixed.

So Either it was send it in to get fixed, go to Best Buy/Geek Squad to get it fixed, (Both which cost money.) or reset it back to the factory settings. And the most I would lose is some porn and... some more porn. Meh, it'll get back around on one of the chans, sonner or later.

So after one destructive recovery and two days (With work, of course.) of updating, reconfiguring, and general fucking around with, Filia lives again. (And currently updating LJ from too.)

And yes, I do name all the computers in the house after Slayers characters. Old computer of mine - Naga, (Big white box, now a pain in the ass to deal with.) the new rig - Lina, (OMFG teh power!) laptop - Filia, (Travel enabled) old family computer - Xellos (Hard as hell to get any info off of it.) and the new family computer - Gourry. (Loaded with unusual crap and info from my brothers.) My sister's rig and my brother's laptop do have Slayers nicknames, but that's only for the house's LAN. They can call them whatever they want. :P
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