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To those who's holiday started last night: Merry Christmas.

To those who's holiday starts after 4:25 pm: Happy Joyful Chanukah.

To those who's holiday starts tomorrow: Happy Kwanzaa and Boxing Day.

... Y'know, I'm probably break someone's tiny, fragile little world by answering the phone at work "Merry Christmas and Happy Joyful Chanukah!" today. (Hey, if there's a "War on Christmas" because of the happy holidays and what-not going on, then there's probably a "War on Chanukah" and "War on Kwanzaa" since no one wishes happy those either. :P)

I didn't get anything for Christmas. (Sans gas money, since I'm pushing the limit on my account.) Mainly my choice, as to let my siblings and other family memebers get their crap first. Besides, "Santa" can haul around town next week as easily as last week anyway. :P

Bah, I'm too good for my own good sometimes. :P
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    Sat, 23:22: Merry If-you-haven't-gotten-it-yet-you're-offically-fuckedmas. Er, Merry Christmas.

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    Mon, 19:35: I'm a pryomaniac and today is my Christmas

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    Thu, 12:58: To those proclaiming they're Irish for this one day a year: Fuck you, I'm Irish for 365 days a year

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