RJ Bachler (arjei) wrote,
RJ Bachler

"Welcome to Alsip!" "I like hitting coaches!"


Everyone's probably seen this already. Idiot & son jump the wall at Comiskey Park, then jump the first base coach of the KC Royals.

What I found out today was ye twit and spawn are from the same town as I am.

The most that my town has seen news-wise is that it got on the Channel 7 (ABC) Chicago news around '96 for some break-in and attack. It never really got any further than that. Until Thursday.

And I believe that most people don't mind their little 'burb being put into the national spotlight, if it's for something good, like when someone finds the cure for the common cold in their den, or a puppy saves a firefighter. But not when it's being dragged through the mud by mass stupidity like this.

I personally like his excuse for why he did it. "He was making jestures." He a goddamn first base coach. Hand jestures is what he does. Get over it and be pissed off on how much those lower box seats cost ya. :P

I honestly sometimes have to wonder about the people in this town. :/
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