RJ Bachler (arjei) wrote,
RJ Bachler

Memes of different kinds.

The one I can't do (because I can't draw worth a crap): Night of 1,001 Batgirls. (Found via the Bunny comic.)

A lot of Barbara Gordon, but there's some Cassandra Cain and AU/fan made ones. And the list keeps growing.

Ten Top Trivia Tips about Arjei!

  1. Arjei can't drink - he absorbs water from his surroundings by osmosis!
  2. Arjei can eat up to four kilograms of insects in a single night!
  3. US gold coins used to say 'In arjei we trust'.
  4. The Vikings believed that the Northern lights were caused by arjei as he rode out to collect warriors slain in battle!
  5. Arjei can only be destroyed by intense heat, and is impermeable even to acid.
  6. Arjei is picked, sorted and packed entirely in the field.
  7. Forty percent of the world's almonds and twenty percent of the world's peanuts are used in the manufacture of arjei!
  8. Early thermometers were filled with arjei instead of mercury!
  9. Without its lining of arjei, your stomach would digest itself.
  10. Arjei is worth his weight in gold - literally.
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