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Real update with some randomness

I slept for about 15-16 hours last night. Oh fucked up sleep schedule, how I loathe you.

Changed the style of the journal. Just because.

My back has been bugging me for a while now, and a couple of weeks ago not only did it give out, but it took my legs with it. Like couldn't fucking MOVE them out. When I finally got to an upright position, (via mostly arm strength) I was mostly hobbling around for the rest of the night, with pain shooting down my left leg.

So a trip to a back specialist, then a trip the MRI place was done. I have a follow up visit back to the specialist to see what the fuck exactly is wrong. However, I do have a copy of the film, and I did take a look at it...

Now I'm not a doctor, (however, I could fake being one on the Internet somewhere) but the BIG FREAKING WHITE "SPIKE" that's impaling itself into my spine on one pic my not be a good thing. I would scan it in, but I fear I would fuck up the film. And yes, it there's still some pain in my back.

Army wise, AT may be in June, and the truck gets paid off that same month. Which would me hellvalot of money for Penn State Connage. (Or whatever it'll be call. :P) However, an thing in July (IE: More Army Laser lulz in Utah.) may happen. Or not. That is putting my plans for the get-together in flux.

Playing Final Fantasy Tactics, as dicated by a previous poll. I'll probably throw another one up to see what to play next.

I've seen liltigre's Rodimus "WTF" icon popping up on customers_suck every so often. (Yes, I seen the post there too. :P) Tossing that out there for props to her.

Bed now.
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