RJ Bachler (arjei) wrote,
RJ Bachler

Gaming things.

Playing Wild ARMs - Alter Code: F. (Well, bouncing between that and watching Steam Decetives. :P) I should play the orginal Wid ARMs to see how it compares to the remake. Proabably will, if I don't get distracted by Sonic Riders. (Hey, it's got progressive scan. Time to make my HDTV WORK.) Or Shadow the Hedgehog. (I'll play it just because I can, crap or not. :P)
Tags: games

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    Sat, 23:22: Merry If-you-haven't-gotten-it-yet-you're-offically-fuckedmas. Er, Merry Christmas.

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    Thu, 18:40: So long my GMC Jimmy. You've been good for nearly 138000 miles, but it's time for a new ride

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    Sun, 18:32: 10 hours of driving=very numb butt. (Tweet sponsored by the Alpha Battle Dragon Lords Against Forest Fires)

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