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The joys of the midnight shift... Wait, what joy?

Before this weekend is done, if I see one more drunk ass hell teenager coming from their prom, I’m gonna shove my black boot somewhere unpleasant.

I’m just pissant right now because I usually am right after getting off the Friday/Saturday overnight shift, which I colorfully refer to as “Shift of Hell.” Mainly from it being the busiest midnight shift (Average of 150 to 200 customers a night, compared to the 75-115 we get on the rest of the nights) and the mass majority of the people being drunk. And the way the store is run during the night, (Which I won’t get into right now, it’ll take too long) basically turns into a not fun experience for me.

And here, I’m ripping someone off again. He knows who. :P
Stupid customer time:

Rather than prepay, (as it is during the graveyard shift) I watched as someone put what looked like cheap dime-store vodka (or something like it) into his tank, rather than wall the 10 or 20 feet to fork over the cash.

Honestly, vodka? In the tank?

What’s the octane on vodka? Or how about the miles per gallon?

But if it’s cheap ass liquor, it’s probably as close as your going to get to gas without actually being it. :P
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