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Who are the peole in your neighborhood...

As I look back to last week, and the rabid fucknut at the Royals @ ChiSox game, I have to wonder what other people live in my hometown. So I'm cranking The Who's "Who Are You?" and to the city search engine on LiveJournal I go!

Well, let's see: We've got two people who haven't updated their journals in over a year. And one of those hasn't in over two. An early adopter to boot. The rest have updated at least within the past three-four months.

There's two that are being deleted, so I can't say anything about those. :P

But the mass majority seem to be of the "OH MY GOD!!!!! JC;S SUCHA WHORE!!!! why? cuz i said she is! cuntbag :PPPPP *Insert test results* Whata croc" kind of mid-aged teenager journals you see pretty much everywhere. You know, the kind of journals where you want to reach out and grab & thrash the user to, at the very least, make some sense. Or spell correctly. (I'll take one or the other, because I don't think I'll get both. :P)

One has the layout from Pi^2 level of HELL. I want to either yank my eyes out with a rusty, West Nile infected hook, or slam some goddamn editing skills into this person. Then the hook.

But there are two that are at least cool. tyrasis and ihateusernames, though the later keeps the jornal she updates more often on her site. Both were at least worth a read beyond the normal half-page I lasted before I went '... GrrrrrrAUGH. *Click bagk to the search page*' as I did with the rest.

And I'm the only one with a anime icon and my interests around here. Nothing like sticking out. :P
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