RJ Bachler (arjei) wrote,
RJ Bachler

Kingdom Hearts, thy are my bitch once again.

Beat KH2. This time in one week and two days.

Final play stuffage: Alomst 60 hours, levels roughly at high 50's to low 60's again. Did NOT get the secret ending this time though, nor did I beat Sephiroth. (Tried to. At lvl 50, he still kicked my ass arpund in about 40 seconds.) Ah well, that's what the next round of gameplay is for. (With cheating this time. :P)

Oh, and the final boss battle? You get to control Riku for a bit... But without the ability to heal via any means, it makes it rough.

I'll pick it up again, on Proud mode this time. And after a minor break.
Tags: games

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