RJ Bachler (arjei) wrote,
RJ Bachler

Early morning = oddball RJ

So I had to go to work early yesterday. Like sun not up yet early. And the moon, currently near full, is getting close to setting. So it's that big, tinted yellow kind of moon. Plus, with the clouds starting to roll in for the storm later on that day, you got that classic creepy "clouds in front of the moon" effect going on.

My first thought? 'So... where in the hell is the mask-wearing, ax-weilding maniac chasing the half-nekkid girl through the woods?' :P

The other thing was also while I was going to work, I pass a Walgreens on the way. Now they must of ran out of "L"s for their signboard and used "I"s for it instead. Perfectly good... save for the entire signboard uses capital letters.

So Walgreens became... Waigreens.

... For all your pharmaceutical needs desu~ :P
Tags: randomness

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