RJ Bachler (arjei) wrote,
RJ Bachler

Problem with back = problems with wallet.

Okay, last statement I got from the physical therapy place said I owed them about $252. Now the current one says I own them over $1000 for the last one.

... Excuse me, but what the *FUCK*? (With bold, italics, and capitalized. :P)

And it says there was a payment and a charge via the insurance side of things... Save there wouldn't be a charge on the insurance side of things, really. It's straight payment or charge, IIRC. And the entire month of March (Which I was there more than in Feburary.) is only $300.

Me thinks someone done failed at data entry. Hopefully I'll get it straightened out when the statement from BCBS for all this comes in.
Tags: money, wtf?

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