RJ Bachler (arjei) wrote,
RJ Bachler

Real life Doom!

So, I had to go down to Ft. Lost in the Woods Leonard Wood, MO, to do Urban Warfare Tactics training. IE: Run through a mock town and try not to die. While killing the Nazi/commies/Charlies/insurgents. Now the training was all cool, but when it came for the practical application... Well, guess who took one little step and got killed by the sniper on the roof first?

... Yeah, me. So, let me say this for getting killed like that:

D00D! I WUZ SNIPED! CH8TRZ! WALLHACK!!!!1!!1!!!eleventy!

Meh. Next time we go, I'm getting up on one of the higher roofs and "returning the favor."
Tags: army
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