RJ Bachler (arjei) wrote,
RJ Bachler

The return of the good, the bad, and the ugly.

I havn't done one of these since... TryCon. Wow. Anyway...

The March-April anime get:

Ah! My Goddess TV Vol 4
Eureka Seven Vol 1
My-Hime Vol 1
UFO Ultramaiden Valkyrie Vol 1-2

... Not one damned word on the last one, mmmmkay? ;p

Now way back when, probably around 2000-2001, I had one of my games stolen by one of my siblings' friends. (Rival Schools for the PSX.) Now I never did get the game back, finally replacing it a couple of years afterwards. (Used. Bastards.) Now after the original incident occurred, I started to mark all my games with my initials, in case it ever happened again.

Needless to say, I got a bit lax on doing that. And it came around and bit me in the ass.

So couple of day a go, I went into my brother's room to get my niece started on Kingdom Heart 1, since my room's a mess and playing in there is easier. (Plus she hadn't played it yet.) Now when I get in there, I looked for another game that I loaned the other brother... And don't see it. Which would be odd, since only two rooms have PS2s in them. (Mine and the one brother's) So I go ask the brother. He said it should be in there, and we go and tear through the room. No Game. Brother believes that it night be his friend that has the game, since he was over between the last time he played it and when it disappeared. So he calls him.

Well, friend does have the game. And the friend stops over. And said friend, rather than having the balls and either giving the game back to me or my brother, hands it over to my sister (who's outside) and books.

Oh, and the game? Kingdom Hearts 2. Rage is not a significant enough word to described on how I felt.

All games are now marked. Debating to do it to all my DVDs and such.

My bank account dropped into the negative range on Friday, with fees added on. Now Friday I was on my way to or in Ft Leonard Wood, so I had someone else drop my check into my account. Hopefully I can explain to the bank since I was off doing my Amercan duty and all, that they'll wave the charges on the account.

Oh, and the Location thing? Unless I have to actually be out of town, it's going to say either be the main system (The Dell/Lina) or the laptop (The HP/Filia). The only real difference is that the main system is on the desk, and the laptop I can use while in bed. (Both systems, btw, are about no more than 8 feet from each other. Unless I have to take the laptop on the road. :P)
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