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I have stared at that number for nearly 5 years now. This number has been part of my life, whether it would've caused or been a problem or not, for nearly the past 1800 days. This is the amount I have had to make sure is in my account at the beginning of every month since July of '01.

$459.82 is the monthly payment on my little '01 GMC Jimmy.

I have only beat out that amount of money spent in a single purchase four times. Once for the crapton of anime (almost $900) after getting back from Enduring Freedom in '03, the other three were for computers; when I bought the original tower (Naga, $1200, Aug '98), the Laptop in FL (Filia, $1000, Oct '03), and the new system (Lina, $2700, Nov '03).

Four hundred fifty-nine dollars and eighty-two cents will be taken out of my account for car payment #59 tomorrow. Four hundred fifty-nine dollars and eighty-two cents is what will be left on what I owe on my truck. It's what I have been dealing with for the past 59 months, and it's all I have left to deal with now.

And when it's said and done, after payment #60 goes in, I will take my car title, celebrate like a mother-fucker, and declare to the world it cannot beat me.

... And probably dry-hump my truck too. ;p
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