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Thoughts from 6 AM CDT.

1: Might go out and get Dunkin Donuts or McCrap in a bit. Mmmm, heart clogging food.

2: I got codes. And I have a few less than yesterday. imperatorr (JustinR), robomatic (Rob), and shinkou (Will). I am spreading evil and I like it. ^^

3: Watching COPS and World's Most Dangerous/Insane/Still-Making-This-WHY Police Chases. Why do people run from the cops, expecially if it's for something minor, like your plates are out of whack. If the officer is in a good mood, (Which they usually are) the most it'll be is a written warning. But no, people run and make it worse. Why?

4: Might use a code for something. Kind of something I want to shoot by my freinds so see the friends only post after this.
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    Sat, 23:22: Merry If-you-haven't-gotten-it-yet-you're-offically-fuckedmas. Er, Merry Christmas.

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    Mon, 19:35: I'm a pryomaniac and today is my Christmas

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    Thu, 12:58: To those proclaiming they're Irish for this one day a year: Fuck you, I'm Irish for 365 days a year

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