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End of the line.

It's done. Over. Finished. No more. Checked flag's waving. Gone like Barry Bond's 715th. The buck stopped here and now.

Starting from $0.00, and paying $459.82 every month Since July of '01, My GMC 2001 Jimmy is FINALLY paid off. It sapped a total of $27,589.20 of my money over the past 5 years, has just over 60,000 miles on it (passed it yesterday), gone through who knows how many gallons of gas, over twenty oil changes, two accidents, a set of tires, major tune-up, been to Arkansas, St. Louis, Tennessee, Virginia twice, and most likely Pennsylvania come July.

And I keeping it for-damned-ever, if possible.

... Now to figure out what to do with an extra $459.82 a month. ;p
Tags: money, truck

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