RJ Bachler (arjei) wrote,
RJ Bachler

'Tis the con write-up of '06!

I was going to do this in the traditional "The good, the bad, and the ugly." con post, but the bad and ugly parts are so freaking small this time around, it's really not worth doing it. So I'll just post my thoughts on it all.

-Post-con sickness is now a tradition.

-So is abusing my room for the final night of watching stuff.

-Travel problem didn't really occur until everyone was leaving. (Sans Atom's bus lateness.) Jeff's/Feld's plane being delayed until the morning sucked, and my car's "Check/service engine soon" light came on half-way home. (Gas cap was loose, and made the truck's emissions computer go stupid. Had to drive it until near empty to fix it.)

-I forgot my pain for this year. Meh, there's always next year. >D

-The hotel did not suck and did not hate us. Yea hotel.

-Food and other things so close by that the only driving I did, besides to and from Chicago, was once to the airport to get AVR, and then to Ponderosa right after to eat.

-Food good.

-Jeff likes addicting people to anime. He got Trey with Nanoha A, and Steve with Haruhi. (And I'm currently downloading both.)

-Feldy and "I'm too Sexy." Fuck no.

-Darkened side streets lol.

-Camera acted up a couple of times during Argoning. Lost some stuff that wasn't due to changing the tape.

-I believe Tomino hate everyone and wants everyone to die.

-Oh, and fuck Dunbine. And JR.

-Mad Mex has decent wings. Some of the better ones I've had in a while.

-1000 blank white cards and Uno tacticing Steve like a bastard.

-Me, Steve and Ray riffing on Bush's speech to the NAACP.

-Steve did not get the annual "RJ's gonna glomp you like a mother-fucker" hug. Pussy.


-Plus a bunch of other stuff that kicked ass but can't form into a coherent thing right now because of me getting ready of Utah.

And I leave you with true words of wisdom.
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