RJ Bachler (arjei) wrote,
RJ Bachler

9/11 + 5

Something I noticed lately with 5 years of 9/11 is that there is a "9/11 Blame Game" going on. Clinton should done this, Bush should've done that, the CIA should've known things, an old man in Idaho should've grown one more potato.

But blaming multiple people for 9/11... it's not what we need to do. What we need to do is just to pick one guy to blame, and stick with it. And I have a candidate who's nearly perfect. He's not a republican, democrat, president, a CIA agent, or anyone who is or was in the government. Hell, he's not even American.

My vote for the 9/11 Blame Game is:

Osama bin Laden.

Yeah, let's lay all the blame on the guy who MASTERMINDED THE ATTACK. I know it's not the "in" thing right now, and it's a bit odd to blame the person responsible for an action, but it works. You see, without him, there may not have never been an attack in the first place. So fuck Bush, fuck Clinton, and fuck the rest. Because whether Clinton or Bush or an old man in Idaho or whoever did things right or wrong, bin Laden & Co. probably would've found a way around it, and we would still be remembering 9/11.

... Oh, and the next person who blast me with "ALWAYS REMEMBER!!!!111!!!" today is getting a red, white & blue bat to the face. (Seriously, if you're over the age of 9, you remember. It's one of those generation defining, JFK-shot type moments. If not, then there's something wrong with you.)
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