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Pure suck.

Short and sweet: On my way home from work, while cruising at the speed limit (A rarity for me.), a deer jumped out in front of me. I was able to slow down somewhat but not enough.

So now my paid-off-not-even-six-months-ago truck is now screwed. Front end? Fucked. Driver's side headlight assembly gone, front quarter panel's damaged, front grill's been whacked and cracked, bug deflector's (With the U.S. ARMY lettering on it) shattered, hood's bent in the common "Hit something in the front" way, and radiator's definitely fucked (Couldn't see how due to hood damage) and leaking. And that's just the things I could see in the middle of the night. Hopefully fixable though. (I really don't want to go back to car paymentville again.)

Bambi? Got the fucker up and walked away. And is probably bragging to Thumper right now.

Side note to God: Please, oh please, can we not fuck around while my truck is getting fixed, like last time?

Story: My car was t-boned way back when I first got it. Now the insurance adjusters took their damned sweet time getting to look at the car, but they finally did. And since they did take so long on doing it, they let the repair company 2-day air freight any parts that they didn't have to get it done faster.

The order for the parts went in 30 minutes before the 9/11 attacks started. So God? No stupidity this time around, please.
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