RJ Bachler (arjei) wrote,
RJ Bachler

Election day.

It's kinda weird, watching it spiral out of control while on fire. There's really nothing you can do about it either. You want to turn away, yet you watch out of some sick perversion. You're mind drifts to the people that are going to be hurt by it, the damage it will cause, (both repairable and not) or maybe that whoever's in control may just be able to pull out of it. But one thing you know is for certain...

When it hits, the explosion's going to be fucking cool.

Poll #863012 So...
This poll is closed.

What am I describing here?

A plane crash.
The Arizona Cardinals '06 season.
The current state of the GOP.
... There's a difference?

I voted yesterday morning. In fact, I was #6, and the first one to use the new paper ballots. (Illinois gave you a choice: Paper or hackable. ;p)

Losing the House is a nice kick in the balls to the GOP. But if they lose the Senate to, especially on a mid-term... I'm going to wonder just how fast (and correctly) Wubya can say "Quack."

But as it stands right now, Montana and Virgina are still up in the air, with both senate races there are too close to count. However, the Dems are leading in both, (If only by a small margin in Montana.) and we had enough of recount-a-go-go in 2000. I suspecting them to fall left.

And technically, even if the Dems take the last two seats, neither party's going to have the true majority in the Senate. The two independents/other party candidates (Lieberman in CT and Sanders in VT) put the balance, with blue wins, at 49-49-2. And no, I don't count the VP as a Senator. :P

And finally, some GOPers aren't going down without a fight. Or, apparently, just fighting.
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