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Word of caution: late night sleep deprivation induced thing ahead.

Guitar Hero has my ass, and it only wants the green M&M's. (Though the Thrash & Burn songs are kick my ass for now, even on easy.) However, a thought occurred to me while I was trying to blunder thrash my way through Heart Full of Black...

Why isn't there a computer program out there that would allow you to program in your own songs with it's own frets and such? (Kind of like how DDR has StepMaina.) Freakin' Christ, Internet, c'mon! I have no Iced Earth, no Blind Guardian, no Metallica, and really only one or two tracks from a small selection of other bands on Guitar Hero. I would love to try and play AC/DC's "Thunderstruck." (And suck so badly at it that Angus himself would tell me never to attempt it ever again.) Hell, you could throw in old school stuff, like Elvis, the Beatles, Chuck Berry. Want Led Zeppelin? Just find the file. Feeling blue, want Muddy Waters? Same thing. Linkin Park because you're an emo bitch? Download it. Die Toten Hosen, X Japan, Tenacious D... The list is endless.

I know people want to play more than what's just on those two games, it needs to be done.

(Note: I would attempt to do this myself, but I don't have the ability. But sometimes just a single push is needed to start the avalanche. :P)

Now, sleep. And when I get up, I'll probably realize that I was out of my gourd to post this. Meh.
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