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No, I'm not coming the fuck in before I'm due!

My boss called about an hour after I fell asleep, wanting me to coming in at 11 AM because the morning car wash guy had flaked out on her. This has been a common trend with the past few. It seems that they all have left/no showed within two weeks of starting. But two factors affected my decision:

1: Attempting to drive to work with only 2 1/2 worth of sleep would've been, at best, stupid. And with the weather in Chicago getting fucked, winter style, definitely stupid.

2: God know when I would've left. Which, since I believe the only other 'third key' who's available right now and can close on a Friday OPENED this morning, would've been at midnight.

No way was I attempting to drive to work, work for 13 hours, and drive home in this stuff with only a 2 1/2 hour nap in the past 36 hours. I have my 40 hours this week, and I'm scheduled to start at 3, so I'm coming in at 3, so I have at least 7 hours of sleep under my belt.
Tags: retarded, work

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