RJ Bachler (arjei) wrote,
RJ Bachler

Straight Memeage post.

I haven't done a straight meme post in five months. So... :P

If you use tags, explain what they mean.

anime (Usually me bitching/gushing/writing about anime, or the semi-annual list o' anime.)
army (The Army is a nice part of my life, so when things happen to me because of it...)
at (Annual Training. Post will also have the army tag on them.)
bgwc (Bitch, groan, whine, complain. Because I need to.)
burninate (For Project Bunrinate. If you can't see what's on these posts, there's a good reason.)
cfc (I did edits of the Card Fighter's Clash sprites a while back.)
chicago stuff (Home town ranting.)
cons (Conventions/get-togethers. I should really try and go to ACen one day... but I always have drill when it goes on. WTF?)
early morning babblings (At five in the morning, with insomnia kicking in, my mind goes to places it shouldn't.)
evilness (I'm evil. Sue me.)
ewic (Everything What is Crap/SVAM thing.)
family & friends (The two things that'll out-do EVERYTHING else on this planet.)
florida (The time I spent in Florida. Posts will also have the army and o: ef tags on them.)
games (Game [usually video] ranting.)
holiday (Jingle Bells!)
meme (Memeage.)
money (Biggie was right! :P)
music (... \m/)
o: ef (Operation: Enduring Freedom. Better know as the '03 deployment. Tagged with army too.)
oldskool (The old "Not-really-a-LJ" blog from the website.)
pain (Life sucking... Shatnerizing...)
poll (Vote or die.)
private (No one see these posts.)
randomness (Post really doesn't fit in the other categories. Also the one I use the most.)
retarded (My god, the world is full of stupid!)
school (Learned me a book)
tgtbtu (The good, the bad, and the ugly.)
thinking (My mind goes of in tangents sometimes. And I drag the universe along for the ride.)
truck (Rolling on 20's 16's.)
utah (The laser tests in Utah. Also has the army tag.)
weather (Chicago has five season: Cold, snowy, wet, construction, and August. And traffic sucks no matter what.)
web (Computer/internet woes.)
work (Hate it. Need it.)
wtf? (... WTF?)
Tags: meme

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