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Feng Shui this.

I have started the process of the annual "God, I want to rearrange my room" thing. (Seriously, it has been a year.) Now as I move crap around, I realize that there is some things I really don't need or use anymore. One of these things is my entire VHS anime collection, which I haven't touched in the longest time. (Okay, I touched the porn. But that's it. :P) So they're getting box upped and shoved into the closet. But as I was going through my VHS anime, I also came to realize that all my anime tapes fall into four categories:

1. Stuff that's I have on VHS that I also now own on DVD: Black Heaven, Geobreeders, Gunsmith Cats, Hand Maid May, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Perfect Blue, Serial Experiments Lain, Saber Marionette, and Sonic The Hedgehog.

2. Stuff I still want to get on DVD: El-Hazard: The Alternative World, Magic Knights Rayearth, Outlaw Star, and Slayers. In fact, I just seen the box set of Outlaw Star a few days ago for $40.

3. Stuff I wouldn't mind get on DVD, just because: Dragon Half, Jubei-chan, Jungle De Ikou, Lost Universe, Magic User's Club {Maho Tsukai Tai}, Miyuki-chan in Wonderland, Photon, Ranma 1/2, Record of Lodoss War TV, Samurai X OVA, and most of the porn.

4. Stuff I wonder why I got in the first place: Everything else.

However, while I was shoving it into boxes, remembering what was on some of these tapes gave me a decent chuckle. (Wild Cardz lol) And left me wondering what the hell was I on when I got them. (Shamanic Princess? Seriously, the fuck?)

Ah well, freed up a nice chuck of room though. Now to pick up a crapton of comic book DrawerBoxes so I can get rid of the big ass metal & wood shelf thing in here.
Tags: anime, comics, randomness

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