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Could've been woes.

My laptop's just a bit over three years old. Ancient by any computer's standards. The battery's all ready dead, you lose power if you wiggle the power cord in the wrong way, and the CD rewriter on the CD-RW/DVD combo drive is shot.

And what I thought was the DVD drive giving out totally was just it not liking to run Animation Runner Kuromi 2. Which is good, because I like watching anime from the comfort of my bed.

... Yeah yeah, I could use the TV/DVD player/PS2, but that would require me getting up. :P

However, this is a nice reminder to me that I may be needing a new laptop sooner or later.

Side note: Even though I had my doubts, I did not factor in the weather, nor the fact that the Cinderella story team rarely win the big game. (This Sain't Hollywood.) Go Bears! Kick some Indy ass at the stadium of those fucking bastards. :P
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