RJ Bachler (arjei) wrote,
RJ Bachler


Truck status: 'twas the distributor cap that did her in. Apparently it was cracked, probably from the Bambi incident. So when I got it washed earlier that night, water got into it. No sparky to the plugs=Truck no go.

But it's fixed now, and it didn't cost me a thing, save towing, since it was still under warranty from the tune-up last year. Especially since the dates for it were fudged just a bit.

Con status: Still need to make the reservations, but it'll mostly likely be on now.

Con + Truck status: I may be insane/dumb enough to do this, but I may drive out to Cali. Mainly because my mind works like this: "Man, plane trips out to the west coast are fucking expensive. I could drive out there.... Oh shit, IT'S IN MY HEAD GITITOUT! ... Ah, fuck it. I could try it." And if I do it, the big question is: Which way should I take? Follow Rand McNally/Mapquest directions, take I-80 all the way, (Thus have driven almost the complete highway, though not at once.) or do the classic follow Route 66 move?

Sick status: Still coughing. Will be getting off my ass to see a doctor about it.

Random status: Samuel L. Jackson need to be referred to as "Mr Bad-Ass Motherfucker" from now on. I mean, to be able to play the blues in Black Snake Moan, he spent 6-7 hours a day for half a year practicing it. Go on, try and deny that's bad-ass.
Tags: cons, randomness, truck

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