RJ Bachler (arjei) wrote,
RJ Bachler

Ah, the PS2...

Okay, I went and did it. I went and blew my money on a very |_|b3r 133+ piece of video gaming hardware.

I got a PlayStation 2.

Now, can we stop both the Oooohhhs & Ahhhhs, and the wishes of death by heavy objects for a moment so I can get on with my review/praise/bashing of the PS2? Mmmkay. I'm going for short and simple, so you'll be able to get back to that soon enough.

The pros:
It plays the PSX/PS1/Chibi-PS games quite nicely, somewhat better than the PSX. Either that, or I'm just noticing stuff that's always been there because it's a new system.
DVD games. Now I don't have to switch disks now.
Better load times. If you set the CD speed to fast, it's almost nil.
With the vertical stand, it takes up less area than any of my other systems.

The cons:
There are no PS2 games that really capture my intrest, nor any that seem to take advantage of the systems capabilities as of yet.
The DVD player's shitty, at best. Blow the $150 on a decent one.
If you do set the CD player to fast, it might mess up the BGM.
The memory card interface. I like the PSX's better, where you can see both cards at once.

I only had it for two freaking days, so it's not going to be an in depth review. However, in the PS2 vs Dreamcast, the Dreamcast holds out by a sizable margin. Mainly due to good software support IMHO. But with Sega now a third party, and bringing alot of DC games to the PS2, we might see it take of in the next year.
Tags: games, oldskool

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