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Last post, in depth.

The Army thing: Went in and saw the retention sergeant that did the contract originally. Now he had to digitally send in my contract to his higher ups for it to be approved and processed. Now it should've been kicked back when they noticed that block 1 was unchecked... But it wasn't. So it went into the records with it unchecked. So right now, the OFFICIAL contract that's in the hands of the US Army says what mine says. (well, the contract was fixed yesterday to say IRR.) And that outdoes whatever the unit has.

Side note for the svam group that is or will be in the SW VA area for the wedding: Like I said, I left early to get away from the headache from home, so I'm currently here. The Quality Inn over by the US-460/I-80 interchange, (50 Hampton Blvd, to be exact.) room 115.

Would've posted sooner, but they just got their WiFi up and running again.

(Side note #2: It fucking SNOWED in every state I went through but VA. So fuck you Mother Nature.)
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    ,Thu 10:53: "It's snowing, I think I'm going to cry." Bitch, this is winter in Chicago. SNOW IS NOT A NEW THING.

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    Thu, 11:13: The US Naval Academy has a glee club. The US Army's glee club? Field Artillery. Because we're happy when shit goes BOOM

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    Thu, 14:27: As per yearly tradition here in Chicago: Fuck you mother nature

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