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A dime bag of Timbits.

The wedding was at a very nice, and very big lake house that Matt's parents own. The kind that is up gravel and dirt roadways, and a decent ways away from urbanized areas. (Oh shit, I got to use my 4 wheel drive in something else besides snow or rain!) The wedding was going to be held outside, but Mother Nature decided to go "fuck that noise" and it had to be moved inside. (Because this thing was going to go through and Mother Nature can fuck herself with an snow dildo if she didn't like it.)

And it was a very beautiful ceremony, and a long time coming. May their trip though this thing called life be ever so much easier with each other to lean on. (Now officially.)

The only bad things that come to mind are when Christian took a dive for the garter, (and missed) and the realization I need to take the Class A's to get altered.

I had missed Man Day 1, which I wouldn't have be able to attend anyway. Driving ten hours on only 3 hours of sleep is not good for the body. However, I was there for Man Days 2 & 3.

Man Day 2, as we tried, in vain, to find Street Fighter in a southern Walmart. The only thing they really had was Nascar, sports, and deer hunter. I was not surprised.

However, with JB bring Guitar Hero 2, but only one guitar. A trip to my hotel was decided upon to grab my guitar, and on arriving at my hotel, I somehow manage to lose Matt and the rest within 30 seconds and 30 feet.

Note that I'm still in my truck. With Iaian. I, somehow, manage to make an entire vehicle with occupants disappear from the rest of the group. And this is the second time it has happened. (Jeff can recall the last time. And I had more people in there too.) Hence the post "Ninja Truck." But we were quickly reunited, and much rocking out was done. Plus "An Evening with Kevin Smith 2" was watched, which lead to some quote used over the weekend. (Half. Half. Whole. Swivel... Hide behind a rock.)

Man Day 3: The Missing Matt. With Matt and Alicia off, we finally obtained some Street Fighter. (3. Third Strike bizantch.) I had my ass handed to my throughly, until I whipped out Ibuki and Ninja ass-kicked my way to at least one victory. The second disk of Kevin Smith was kinda viewed, until we all passed out during it.

Moving day. I was going to leave on Sunday, but decided not to. Plus with Alicia moving her stuff out of her parents house, the Jimmy of "Fuck U-haul." and much hauling was used to almost full SUV potential. Afterward, we exposed Iaian to MST3K, and had hellva good sushi.

All in all: best friends, great wedding, good times. Plus a new name fr the LJ. ;p
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