RJ Bachler (arjei) wrote,
RJ Bachler


RJ's Zanpakutō:

RJ's Lotus like Flame is always activated, and resembles a massive katar with the hilt wrapped in pale leather. It enhances the wielder's hearing.

What's Your Zanpakutō?

... does this mean I can stare at Rukia's ass s'more? ;p
Tags: meme

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    Mon, 13:52: $5 on someone using their crotch as their avatar's face. (And promptly getting banned.) #e3 #xbox #kinect #xboxe3

  • So...

    I has a PSP. (Early birthday gift.) ... Game suggestions anyone? And when in the fuck did "I has..." become acceptable? ;p

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    I picked up Pokemon Platinum today. (Along with my own copy of Halo 3, so now mine and my brother's gaming habits won't interfere with each other.)…

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