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Okay, I'm back in my video game playing mood, and in a PSX playing mood to boot. So I whip out the unplayed games, and I grab Tales of Destiny 2. I start playing it. About an hour into it, I realize this game is really fucking familiar. So I dig through a FAQ. And upon seeing the ending, I discover that I have already fucking played AND beat it.

And this was especially stupid since I went through my PSX memory cards before playing and really should've seen the old save file sitting there.

So... moving on to The Legend of Dragoon. (... yeah, yeah, I still need to finish the original PSX Valkyrie Profile. I'm getting around to it, so shaddap. :P)

(Note 1: I will be getting three games in the next month. Persona 3, Wild ARMs 5, and Sonic Rush Adventure. When I get the money for them. More fuel to the fire.)
Tags: games, retarded

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