RJ Bachler (arjei) wrote,
RJ Bachler

Rain, rain, and more fucking rain.

Well Mother nature, since she didn't feel like slamming Dean into Texas, is laying havoc in my neck of the woods. And laughing about it.

I get up for work yesterday morning to head to my mom's station instead of mine. (A double rarity indeed. I haven't done a morning since November, and haven't been at my mom's to actually work since May.) It had stopped rain less than a hour before I left, so the whole time I'm at work it's that nice, sticky, muggy day. Joy.

Fast forward to 3, when I'm due to leave. Mother nature is like "... Oh no bitch." Gets dark in under five minutes, starts storming another two after that...

Followed by a microburst which sends all the garbage cans in the lot tumbling away. So I spend the next 15 minutes in the downpour, with the tornado sirens going off, getting them.

Top it off with a 90 minute (From the usual 20) drive home because of downed trees, broken stoplights, and flooded streets. Lovely day indeed.

At least I wasn't at my store. Not only did it lose power for the entire night, but flooded the car wash. Which will be fun to deal with this afternoon.
Tags: chicago stuff, weather

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